can be drilled outdoor wall panels

When it comes to TV sizes get the biggest one you can buy

An 80-plus inch TV can easily just dominate a space. Wall mounting can help a bit but your TV room risks becoming the TV's room. Read more: 9 quick TV settings that'll hugely

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4 low-cost ways get solar power at home - CNET

For less than $50 you can grab a solar option like the Avaspot Solar Powered Security Light ($20) Gama Sonic Solar Outdoor Wall Lantern ($32) or the ALLOMN Outdoor Solar LED Lamp ($20).

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Projectors vs. TVs: Giant-screen pros and cons - CNET

Even though you can mount a TV on a wall most people don't. They're surprisingly heavy. A screen is light and if you drop it there's little possibility of damage (unless you

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Home networking explained part 7: Power line connections

Editors' note: This post is part of an ongoing series. For the other parts check out the related stories section below. Power line networking basically turns a building's existing

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Home networking explained part 3: Taking control of your

You can also make other hardware parts for the network including network wall ports and patch panels. As you will see after reading this post this is a skill that's not only easy to

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How much are those decorative smart lights adding to your

Nanoleaf's color-changing wall panels are as geeky as they are eye-catching. the product comes in a nine-piece starter kit that can be expanded to include up to 30 panels.

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International Space Station: Russia blames leak in Soyuz

Ruling out a strike by space debris or a micrometeoroid Russian engineers say a small leak in a Soyuz crew ferry ship docked to the International Space Station was the result of a hole

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Turn an old monitor into a wall display with a Raspberry

Now that you've got your Raspberry Pi display made maybe you can build a gallery wall around it. Or consider these 9 easy ways to upgrade your kitchen for cheap. 13 fun things to try

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Best Apple HomeKit devices for 2021 - CNET

Right now you can get one on Amazon with the Lutron Bridge and a bonus Pico remote that you can dock in the wall as a second switch or carry around with you for a total cost of $92.

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