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White Papers · May 2000 · Provided By APA - The Engineered Wood Association In an earthquake the ground rocks twists heaves and subsides changing direction and speed all the while.

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Dangerous Decks Beneath Our Feet - CBS News

On the badly-engineered deck Arevelo showed Koeppen how cracked wood or rusty nails can be detrimental materials. So should using only wood materials instead of metal connectors.

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APA Performance Rated Rim Boards: Canadian Limit States

A rim board is the wood component that fills the space between the sill plate and bottom plate of a wall or in second floor construction between the top plate and bottom plate of two

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I-Joist Filler Blocks - TechRepublic

Australia United Kingdom APA - The Engineered Wood Association. however do not have to be continuous - they can be made up of shorter lengths of lumber and/or wood structural panel.

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Narrow Wall Bracing Without Hold-Downs for Use in a Fully

Section R602.10.5 of the 2003 International Residential Code (IRC) permits a 4:1 aspect ratio for narrow wall segments constructed with no hold-down devices when the home is fully sheathed

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Fix It Up! Episodes | TV Guide

Installing a wood floor is detailed. Included: the benefits of engineered wood which resists warping shrinking and expanding. Where to Watch. Where to Watch. Basement Entrance August 9

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