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Ancient images uncovered near Egyptian pharaoh's tomb

More than 120 images of ancient Egyptian boats have been discovered adorning the inside of a building in Abydos Egypt. The building dates back more than 3800 years and was built near the

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Bentley 2013 Mulsanne - These bespoke deliciously

Another stunner by Aston Martin’s Q team this custom Volante interior sports a nautical theme (more superyacht than dinghy.) in-house hand-crafted wood woven carpets brushed metal

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Red Lobster Bets Big on Maine-Inspired Upscale Revamp

Gone are the cheesy old fishing nets and other corny nautical bric-a-brac of old. In its place are lighthouse-inspired lanterns that light a cosy interior of natural stone and wood --

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Chef Norman Van Aken's “Green Parrot” fried chicken and

Line a sheet pan with parchment paper or foil. Place the tomato jalapeño bell peppers and onion cut sides down on the pan and roast until charred about 30 minutes. Set aside to cool.

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Inside "Area 51" - CBS News

In 1960 the CIA authorized construction of twelve planes capable of reaching Mach 3.2 (or .57 miles per second) with a range of 4120 nautical miles and capable of reaching an altitude

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Madoff Beach House Shown Off for Sale - CBS News

The Madoffs' interior decorating taste leaned toward nautical-meets-folk art. Still on view are American Indian rugs and pottery. just inside is a large wooden goat. There's a

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Grand Designs - Season 16 Episode 5: County Antrim 2015

Summary: Tom and Danielle Raffield's lifelong passion is steam-bending wood into extraordinary curvy shapes. They have used the technique to make furniture and lighting. Desperate to

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