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Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri - Strategy Guide - PC - By

Whatever number you get is a fairly good estimate of the total advantage you've netted yourself (ie. If you have ten bases each with a rushed former your estimated advantage using

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Pokemon Blue Version - Strategy Guide - Game Boy - By

For Pokemon Blue Version on the Game Boy Strategy Guide by RJones.

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Yugi and Kaiba vs Sora and Shiro - Battles - Comic Vine

Round 1) They play a game of duel monsters. Sora and Shiro can pick 2 decks from any of Yugi and Kaiba's major opponents. Round 2) Same as the above but they are free to make their

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Final Fantasy VI - Guide and Walkthrough - PlayStation

If you whittle down its 50000 HP and make sure you kill both the shell and the head with one attack (use a calculator!) you'll get both a Tincture AND a Potion and it'll only

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Icewind Dale - Character Creation/Development Guide - PC

At higher levels this character can cast a few spells and completely wipe out a group of enemies summon other monsters to take and deal damage and cast spells to improve your party

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