island recycled plastic products

Seattle bans straws and utensils made of plastic - CBS News

Island plastic pollution 00:53. Environmental advocates have been pushing for restaurants and other businesses to ditch single-use straws saying they can't be recycled and end up in

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New service sells brand-name products without plastic

The Environmental Protection Agency said only about 9 percent of the plastic created in the U.S. is recycled. Loop's containers are sent to a plant where they're washed sterilized

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Piling up: Drowning in a sea of plastic - CBS News

A floating island of plastic waste off the coast of Honduras. Because plastics do not biodegrade much of our waste that is not recycled ends up in landfills or the ocean. CBS News

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Recycling after China's plastic ban: American cities face

No. 6 plastics found in many hard food containers and black plastic of any type is no longer acceptable in bins. However "it's unlikely they were ever getting recycled"

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Malaysia to send non-recyclable plastic waste back to US

Port Klang Malaysia-- Malaysia will send back some 3300 tons of non-recyclable plastic waste to countries such as the U.S. U.K. Canada and Australia in a move to avoid becoming a

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California becomes first state to ban plastic bags - CBS News

The American Forest and Paper Association a trade group says it unfairly treats their commonly recycled products like plastic while holding reusable plastic bags to a lower standard for

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Plastic waste: Marriott the world's largest hotel chain

Recycling is only a partial solution because most products cannot be recycled and plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose. Large amounts of discarded plastics have been found in dead

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U.S. polluting oceans with trash at alarming rate - CBS News

China is the worst -- with about 2.4 million tons. The United States is number 20 responsible for about 750000 pounds. A broken plastic bottle is seen floating in the water CBS News. The

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Chemical recycling could be the answer to our single-use

Most plastic we toss in a recycling bin actually can't currently be recycled – a staggering 91 percent. Anything dirty or contaminated by food usually gets sent to a landfill.

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